If you are currently in the HCS program, then you are 

very aware of the many changes that have come to pass. 

Here are the most important questions for you to ask:  

1.  Has your HCS provider shared all of the changes with you?

2.  Have they shared the changes with you in a timely manner in terms 

that you can understand?

3.  Has your HCS provider helped you make a plan that addresses 

these changes?

4.  Has your HCS provider been caught by surprise when a change 

occurs almost as if they never saw the change coming? 

5.  Does your HCS provider show you the rules in writing when they 

are trying to explain the changes to you?

6. Ever talked to another HCS provider to see if yours is up to date 

and telling you the truth?  

7. Does your HCS provider blame all delays on service coordinators? 

8. Does your HCS provider make you feel like you are trapped and 

cannot talk to another provider?

9.  Does your HCS provider share your same commitment to the one you love? 

10.  Is the Owner there to give you a full explanation or are they too 

busy to take the time to provide you with a good service and the time

of day?

Call us at  1-800-936-6411 if you have any questions 

about HCS.  

We can help you determine if your current provider is doing all that 

they can to help you.  


Give us a call or email us and we can direct you to the right resources

 so that you can learn about HCS and know what your provider 

should be doing for you. 

1-800-936-6411  Toll Free


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