We Are:  

A Provider with a heart for Family Style Living Options for Individuals

  • We believe Host Home Care offers the safest and healthiest environment.
  • Family style living really offers the most benefits to the individual.                             

- Committed to real solutions that work in the real world

  • We listen first.   We then begin to look for solutions to all barriers.

- An HCS Provider with decades of work experience in the field of service.

  • Over 50 years of combined field experience in our professional staff.

- Based in Austin to remain engaged in ongoing legislative and regulatory changes      

  • Changes in HCS, Medicaid, and Social Security occur with little preparation.
  • The changes occur in Austin.  We can get answers directly from the staff writing the rule changes.         

- Pioneers in the HCS provider world with the 100% Real Time Rate Commitment 

  • Never worry about your rate again. It will always be 100% of the DADS care rate under AQCT. 

- Easy to access.  Call and speak directly to the Owner at any time: 1-800-936-6411

  • No mid-management staff. Get the right answer the first time directly from the Owner.

- Available to meet with individuals in their own home, and on their schedule

  • Evenings and weekends are available to you.  We work around your schedule. 

- Aware that we are working for the individuals/families who choose us

  • Never be taken for granted again. 
  • Be empowered with full knowledge of the HCS program.

-Able to answer your questions regarding Social Security, Medicaid, and Estate Planning

- A Texas HCS Provider with an excellent survey report history 

Click the link below to see all Texas HCS Providers' Performance Ratings at the official  Texas Dept. of Aging and Disability Services Certification Website  


"If you are interested in obtaining very personalized services from an HCS program, with no mid-management staff, and easy access to the Owner, I welcome your call.  If you are seeking a straight answer and have grown tired of the run around you have received in your past, I welcome your call.  If you just have questions regarding your current HCS services, call me and I will help guide you. I fully understand that we are employed by the individuals who have chosen us and trusted us to be their HCS provider." - Gerald Chavez, Owner   

Contact Information: 

Toll Free  800-936-6411            

Email: approvedqualitycare@gmail.com

Complaint Process 

All HCS providers are required to make this process known to the general public

If you have a complaint regarding any of our services that we are unable to resolve, please contact 
the DADS Complaint Department at   


*Special Consideration

We have many calls every month coming from individuals who are still not on the HCS waiting list.  

If you have read this website and would like to know how to be added to the HCS waiting list, please call us at our toll free number.  

If you are currently receiving HCS services, and you meet individuals in your community who you think might qualify for HCS, please ask them if they know about HCS. Many people have never heard of the program. If they are never told how to sign up for the program, they will never be accepted to the program.  

It is surprising to learn that so many people STILL do not know about the HCS program in Texas.  Let's work together to share knowledge of the program so that others can benefit as well. 

Please click here to see our website at 

www.approvedqualitycaretexas.com        1-800-936-6411      




















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